Three decades ago, one lone traveler wearily crossed the western borders of Rhydin, claiming citizenship to an unknown nation in uncharted territories, and wearing colors never seen before. He gave his name only as “Blue” … and aside from the intelligent eyes of the same color, his only other distinguishing mark was the ten-pointed star he wore at his throat. The star was cut from the purest of diamonds, and shone with a clarity that was bested only by the absolute certainty of thought in the mind of the man named Blue …

… thoughts of obliteration, vindication, and liberation. “The Star shall rise again.”

The general populace of Rhydin knows the Wardens of Loreil as a benevolent, if somewhat mysterious, service-oriented organization of highly trained practitioners in various arts and sciences. This small band of elite men and women make their home at a place called Stargard Keep, which is carved into a cliff that overlooks a city by the same name. Both are located on the southern coast of the continent shared by most of Greater Rhydin, ten leagues inland of the Wine Dark Sea. They are led by a man named Sovereign Blue, the displaced First Warden of Loreil, who established his reign in exile during a time that most of Rhydin’s citizens do not remember.

With his guidance, the Wardens of Loreil have become renowned for their reputation as educators, protectors, observers, and masters of many disciplines. They have continuously offered themselves and a myriad of services to the entirety of Rhydin’s populace, with no cost or expectation in return.

Individually, and as a whole, they stand firm, taking pride in their oaths of honor and servitude for the betterment of the lands they guard and protect. They have made Rhydin their home until they can liberate their own.

Having been in Rhydin for many years, the Wardens have met with thousands of people and offered their support and knowledge on many different subjects. The vast amount of information that has been entrusted into the Wardens’ keeping helps them to serve the people of Rhydin more efficiently.

From the dawn of time, until the end of time, may they prosper. By the Star, so shall it be.

Who are those who wear the Star? Seek the Wardens of Loreil.

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Where did the Wardens come from? Read their histories at the Archives of Loreil.

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