Academy Update – September 2014

The Loreil Academy: September 2014

A Message from Chancellor Hashibara

Greetings, students. It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the reopening of Loreil Academy for the first time in nearly four years. Since it has been such a long time since classes were last taught, I believe it would be wise to showcase a few changes that have occurred over the past years.

Before getting into those, I must first apologize for sending this update to all students, former and present. As it has been four years, I wish for this to reach the largest audience possible (and if you do not wish to receive such updates in the future, you need only reply stating such and I apologize for sending this update to you if you wished to be removed from our mailing list in years past).

Just as in 2009, some course numbers are in the process of changing as new courses are being developed to better suit the needs of the changing community. The course numbers you see on the Interactive Schedule should be taken as the correct course numbers.

The Loreil Portal finally has a new look and much of the content has been migrated from the old to the new. Those who wish to overview the Archives and our Services may find a few elements missing, but they shall be coming through the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the First Warden himself would like your input if you have a section to submit on the history of your organization for the revised courses History of RhyDin 1 and 2 (RP 601, 602). If you have something to be considered, please contact him directly (at

With the changes in the Loreil Portal, Academy records are being relocated.If students would kindly provide their names as they would like them displayed as well as any past addresses they may have had records under, I will move create your transcript. Once created (and I will reply with a notice that your transcript is public), it will be located at: Any student who takes a class from this point onward will be placed in this new system. The transcript service should again be available starting in October.

Lastly, Loreil continues to provide it’s services outside of the Academy. Those of you who aspire to become a Warden should send letters of intent to Warden Jade Vladstov (SN: wardenvladstov). Also, we seek to expand the word of Loreil. Kingdoms interested in having an ambassador contact them, please touch base with Warden Captain Cadileesha (SN: cadileesha).

Loreil Services

In Service Under the Star,

Yuriko Hashibara

    Interactive Schedule

For a calendar view which shall be updated monthly with new course offerings consult our interactive calendar, located in Schedule under the Academy tab above. All classes will take place in the Loreil Academy and will last 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted and start times are displayed in Eastern time.

    Quick-Glance Schedule

The quick-glance scheduler is being phased out after this month.

The Codes (COD, RP 100) – Wednesday, September 3rd 10PM [Warden Hashibara]
Combat Proctoring (CP, RP 111) – Wednesday, September 10th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]
Random Number Generator (RNG, RP 113) – Wednesday, September 24th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]
Combat Role Playing (CRP, RP 120) – Wednesday, September 17th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]
Fencing 1 – Philosophy of Fencing (FEN1, RP 161) – Thursday, September 4th 9PM [Cadileesha]
Fencing 2 – In Motion (FEN2, RP 162) – Tuesday, September 9th 9PM [Cadileesha]

Character Development (CD, RP 200) – Thursday, September 11th 9PM [Cadileesha]
Evil Character Development (ECD, RP 201) – Friday, September 19th 2PM & 9PM [WardenVladstov]
Good Character Development (GCD, RP 202) – Tuesday, September 16th 9PM [Cadileesha]

Basic Leadership Principles (BLP, RP 300) – Friday, September 5th 2PM & 9PM [WardenVladstov]
Command 1 – The Twelve Pillars (COM1, RP 311) – Saturday, September 6th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]
Command 2 – On Command (COM2, RP 312) – Saturday, September 13th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]
Command 3 – Guild Administration & Management (COM3, RP 313) – Saturday, September 27th 9PM [Warden Hashibara]

Alternatives to Magical Healing (AMH, RP 400) – Monday, September 29th 10PM [Lyzeranne]
Basic Midwifing (BMW, RP 410) – Sunday, September 15th 9PM [Lyzeranne]
Battlefield Healing (BFH, RP 430) – Sunday, September 7th 9PM [nicodemusparthus] & Monday, September 22 10PM [Lyzeranne]

Logical Magic (LM, RP 500) – Sunday, September 14th 9PM [nicodemusparthus]
Abstract Magic (AM, RP 510) – Thursday, September 18th 9PM [nicodemusparthus]
Schools of Magic (SOM, RP 521) – Thursday, September 25th 9PM [nicodemusparthus]

History of Rhydin (HIST, RP 601) – Friday, September 12th 2PM & 9PM [WardenVladstov]

Loreil Forum (LF, RP 700) – Wednesday, September 3rd 9PM [Warden Hashibara] Topic: Academy Open House


    Academy Contacts and Information Portal

Academy ChancellorYuriko Hashibara

Academy Deputy ChancellorSaiseino Karasu

      (For questions, mail string and SN changes, certificate petitions, replacement certificate requests and private class requests)

Web Portal

      (For information about services offered by Loreil, current class schedule, the Academy syllabus, Scholar/Sage Requirements, the Hall of Scholars and more)

      Our public documents are available for viewing on our portal. Should you have questions about these documents, please contact the Webmaster


There is no need to register. We look forward to seeing you at Loreil Academy.

    Room Accessibility

((Our Academy rooms are AIM-accessible. However, in order to receive a certificate, the character must have a corresponding AOL SN/address.))

    Class Frequency and Duration

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Classes will begin promptly and end promptly.


All non-capstone have examinations which follow their teaching. Unless otherwise noted, it is assumed that there is a 72-hour deadline for the return of said examination. Acceptance of exams submitted late shall be up to the discretion of the individual instructors. Capstone course projects deadlines differ from this policy and such policies may be found in the syllabi for these courses.

    Mailing List

This schedule may be freely distributed. Attending students who are new to the Academy are added automatically to the distribution of the schedule and news. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for future schedules, or if you wish removal from our mailing list, please contact the Academy Chancellor.

    Private Classes

Private classes (for non-capstone courses) are offered for groups of four or more students on a first come, first served basis. Classes are subject to availability of instructors. Please send any requests for private classes to the Academy Chancellor for consideration. If a private class is scheduled, the class, time and location will be posted on the class schedule at the Loreil web portal. Private sessions of capstone courses (with course numbers ending in 99) are exempt from the minimum of four students stated above, but requests should be send via the same methods.

    Replacement Certificates

While we expect patrons to maintain copies of class certificates on their own, we understand that accidents happen, and sometimes records are lost. A replacement transcript for class certificates (including Scholar/Sage certificates) awarded by Loreil Academy will be given if a record is lost through any means and the student wishes a record of their attendance sent. In the future, certificates shall be on file with student transcripts. Until this point, replacement certificates cannot be issued; however the fact that a certificate has been awarded is clearly denoted upon the transcript.

    Records Transfers (SN Changes)

If a student has legally changed their name but remains the same entity (SN changes, character remains the same), and desires their records with the Academy changed to reflect this, we prefer advance notice but will work with a patron as long as they are able to show valid proof of the change in name. This includes, but is not limited to, a copy of the old life scroll (profile) and a copy of the new one; a transcript of previous class attendance; a copy of the old certificate if the two names are similar enough to make this feasible; any official document that mentions the name change, either before or after the fact.


    The Loreil Scholar Program

The Wardens of Loreil are awarding a special certificate of achievement to those people who have attended the courses we feel comprise the core of knowledge we offer here. Such support and dedication to knowledge should not go overlooked, and this is proof of both your personal success and your continued support of the Loreil Academy. Details upon program requirements can be found upon the Loreil Portal.

    The Loreil Scholar Sage Program

All knowledge, and all wisdom born of knowledge, has been given for one purpose: to uplift and elevate mankind. In the certainty that knowledge takes time to become wisdom, the Loreil Scholar Sage program has been designed to give Scholars the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Due to the nature of this program, it will not be a rapid achievement as the Scholar Program can be – not all classes needed shall be offered every month. This is by design and embodied in the curriculum, for by definition, the attainment of Sage status is a time-consuming process. Please keep this in mind. We have great hopes for this program, the Sages who will emerge from it, and much anticipation for getting to know each and every one of you as a vital part of our Academy process. Details upon program requirements can be found upon the Loreil Portal.

    The Loreil Master’s Programs

These six programs are currently in development and are expected to debut in early 2015. These programs are designed for the highly motivated student wishing to go above and beyond even the Scholar Sage program. They shall require completion of all courses within their domain. Approved candidates will sit for a Capstone course which will review the topics previously studied in a brief format and instead of the standard examination, a project shall be assigned to earn the degree in question. The six Masters Programs may be found upon the Loreil Portal.

    Awards Ceremonies and Certificates

Upon completion of either the Loreil Scholar program or the Loreil Scholar Sage program, please send a letter of completion to the Academy Chancellor. Once your status is verified, your certificate will be sent and you will be added to our list for the next scheduled Ceremony to Honor our Scholars and Sages. These ceremonies will be held quarterly. If you have recently completed your studies, please notify us so you may be included in this Honoring Ceremony.

Honoring our Scholars and Sages, with the eventual addition of the Masters, the Loreil Academy Hall of Honor is now open in recognition of those who have so diligently studied here. ((Note: character names will remain as at the time the certificate was issued, i.e., no changes for marriage, divorce, adoption; however, if the SN has changed and you wish the record to reflect this, please send a brief note to the Webmaster.))



Ranger Blue
Sovereign of Loreil
First Warden


Yuriko Hashibara
Warden of Loreil
Chancellor, Loreil Academy


Saiseino Karasu
Warden of Loreil
Deputy Chancellor, Loreil Academy


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