Loreil Academy

Hall of Honor


It has been said that Knowledge is not a goal, but a quest. The nurturing of the mind is the noblest of quests – and the most difficult. It is through the efforts of the few who undertake this quest for knowledge that all the people benefit.

In the Loreil Academy, we strive to instruct those willing to learn the tenets, skills and knowledge of Rhydin in order to help them on their quest. While all who seek knowledge are people of great worth, those who journey further on this quest attain the title of Scholar. Thousands have attended the Academy, but one one person in seventeen has become a Scholar.

The following citizens of Rhydin have successfully completed the courses which comprise the core of knowledge offered and have earned the title of Scholar. Placed on permanent record within the Academy Halls, the Order honors these Scholars for their perseverance, dedication and outstanding academic ability.

The classes required for the title of Scholar Sage may be found here:

Name Titled Name
AhriaDerionNyte Ahria DerionNyte
BlackSwirlleFay BlackSwirl Torin Blood LeFay
CaladanHawkleyKD Caladan Hawkley
ConstanceKD Constance Hawkley
DeniedBliss Talitha Windsoar Ravan
ElinorArmstrong Elinor Anne Armstrong
EthanGrayKD Ethan Gray
EyesOfRaymious Raymious Kmeaklivich
GallantAllurexX Warden Raine Michiru Tsukino
GYPZEE Gypzee MacCarthy
HrsMastres Rielle
I3eIadonna Beladonna Maria Lucia
iKissMyIrishAssi Sinthia Valek
IntrepidGallant Deich McKeon
JacobMallory Jacob Mallory
JesterMalRik Warden Jester Mal Rik
JuliaNoirTS Queen Julia Noir
KaitlinCampbell Kaitlin Silverstone Campbell
KylanMadaesII Kylan Madaes II
LadyDevanyTS Devany James
LadyGenevieve Warden Genevieve Elliott
LadyJastri Vanessa Cantrell-Jastri
LrdCampbel Warden Aedhan Campbell
LucasLightrose Lucas Lightrose
MagisterElganan Telamar Elganon
MinyaDkbld Minya TelParani Cazh
MyLegendDemise Warden Nasepha ip Therranj
OfWingedFire Warden Saiseino Karasu
PensareGambit Robert Ris
PURGATORYWOLF Sophie Kal’Daka Luna
SableSteel Sab;e Steel McCloud
ScathofAlbion Solitaire d’Albion
SharaValorum Shara Valorum
SilphionShintiyo Warden Silphion Mana Shintiyo
Tish Cantaville Lady Tish Cantaville
TyLorSgaileach Ty’Lor Sgaileach
WardenHashibara Warden Yuriko Hashibara
WardenSatonica Warden Luciferal Satonica
WinsomeSerenity Alona Anderson
XHarle Harlen Torren de Madrigal Sgaileach
ZoeRoseCarmchl Warden Zoe Rose Carmichael-Mal Rik
ZoriOhmsfort Zorika Ohmsfort