Degree Programs

Loreil Academy – Certificate & Degree Programs

 A wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and sound of judgment and prudence; a grave philosopher.


All knowledge, and all wisdom born of knowledge, has been given for one purpose: to uplift and elevate mankind. In the certainty that knowledge takes time to become wisdom, the Loreil Scholar program has been designed to give citizens the knowledge to succeed in Rhydin.

From these ideas, the Loreil Scholar Sage program has been designed to give Scholars the opportunity to broaden their horizons. This is in the hope of bringing together the brightest minds to promote realm-wide understanding and peace.

The Loreil Scholar Sages will possess not only high intellectual and academic prowess, but will also show respect and interest in their fellow man and integrity of character. They will possess the ability to lead and the energy to use their combined wisdom and talents to the fullest.

Upon completion of the Loreil Scholar Sage Program, the student may take the courses and electives as prescribed below and then present a Letter of Petition to the Academy Team. When Sage status is obtained, the certified graduate may become part of a group which will serve as an Advisory Board to the Academy. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have achieved Sage certification to provide their wisdom, guidance and advice in helping to shape the Loreil Academy programs; and, through that, to help shape our shared environment.

Please be aware as the Academy reviews and revises the classes offered, the Scholar and Sage requirements will also change. Be sure to check back frequently to ensure you have the most current list of requirements.

The requirements for Loreil Scholar and Loreil Scholar Sage are listed in the below table.

Scholar Core
All Scholar and Scholar Sage candidates must have completed all five these courses.

Sage Core
All Scholar and Scholar Sage candidates must have completed at least eleven of these courses.

Sage Major
All Scholar and Scholar Sage candidates must have completed at least one of these courses.

Sage Elective
All Scholar and Scholar Sage candidates must have completed at least three of these courses.

The Loreil Forum course, along with many of our newer offerings, are not required for any certificate program.


Scholar Core Sage Core Sage Major Sage Elective Non-Credited In Development
COD – 100 MW1 – 131 EHN – 151 MBC – 112 COM3 – 313 JST – 152
CP – 111 MW2- 132 PHE – 212 RNG – 113 BMW – 410 CW – 170
CRP – 120 MW3 – 133 LM – 500 AW1 – 141 HH – 420 KCD – 208
CD – 200 ECD – 201 AW2 – 142 BFH – 430 NPC – 213
BLP – 300 GCD – 202 FEN1 – 161 TPH – 530 CDT – 240
FCD – 203 FEN2 – 162 LF – 600 AMH2 – 402
RCD – 204 MCD – 206 HIST2 – 612
JCD – 205 DCD – 207
SDM – 211 MCR1 – 221
ASV – 230 MCR2 – 222
COM1 – 311 AM – 510
COM2 – 312 HIST1 – 611
AMH – 400
SoM – 520

Mastery Programs

Set to debut in early 2015, the six Mastery Programs are designed for the Scholar Sage who wishes to become a master of their field and contribute to the growth thereof.  The six programs are as follows:

Master of Combatative Arts
All courses in the 100s Series, and lastly RP 199 – Capstone for Combatative Arts.

Master of Storylines
All courses in the 200s Series, and lastly RP 299 – Capstone for Storylines.

Master of Leadership Science
All courses in the 300s Series, and lastly RP 399 – Capstone for Leadership Science.

Master of Healing Arts
All courses in the 400s Series, and lastly RP 499 – Capstone for Healing Arts.

Master of Mystical Arts
All courses in the 500s Series, and lastly RP 599 – Capstone for Mystical Arts.

Master of RhyDin History
History of RhyDin 1 & 2 (HIST1 & HIST2, RP 611 & 612), and lastly RP 699 – Capstone for RhyDin History.

* If you have questions about classes that have been discontinued, please consult the Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor.