The Battle for Loreil

The Battle for Loreil

Wardens of Loreil, © 1993 – 2005

This is a synopsis of the decade-long storyline of the Wardens of Loreil, concentrating on the events from the Empire’s failed attack on the hidden citadel of Stargard – the last bastion of Loreilian culture – to Loreil’s daring counterattack on the evil Asyr Empire, and the current struggle to topple the oppressive occupying regime and regain Loreil’s independence.

The following story introduces those events to the reader, along with a brief summary of the event that started it all: The invasion and occupation of the Kingdom of Loreil, and the displacement of the rightful heir to the throne: RangerBlue.

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We hope you enjoy the story of the Wardens of Loreil.

– The Warden Players