Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Dawning’s Red Light
The Test – To Think & Act Like Wardens

Selected Excerpts from the Chapter:

“I AM YOU. You are all flawed. That which you seek lies behind me. To win it, one of you must die. Choose.”

In the silence Aidan still tried to get his feet to move as Larathe whispered urgently “I will face him. He may not know I am a Bladesinger and such do not die easily.”

“No” came an equally urgent whisper from Justine. “Your weapon will be needed. I am already wounded. I will slow the team down. I will face him. If I lose, the group loses nothing.”

Candis was standing up from blue with her hand on her own weapon but before she could speak Morgaine cut her off “I will decide.”

“CHOOSE” boomed across the room from the figure.

Morgaine stepped forward with her weapon out “I am chosen.”


While registering for a moment that this thing whatever it was knew her rank, name and position the figure pointed his sword at her and continued: “It is so easy to lead and choose to die. Not for you Captain. Choose one to die on my steel while you watch. Pick one now Captain, or all die.”


While they all tried in vain to move their legs, the walls began to melt and rivulets of lava moved towards them.

Once more Morgaine shouted back “I am chosen.”

The creature seemed unaffected by the heat and moved towards the group. Standing then before Morgaine he lifted his sword high. “Then die.”


“Because child, Blue’s fate lies along a different path. I think, the Luminance was seeing if you as Wardens, act and think as Wardens when faced with great loss.