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Honor List

These names upon the Honor List are personages who have demonstrated, through word or deed, disregard for the patron’s ways of Rhydin. Herein they are listed, that the people may be aware. Loreil does not review combats wherein these individuals have participated.

The Wardens of Loreil are not affiliated with the listed names in any way, shape, or form. This list is provided for informational purposes only. For those who wish to read about the lawful foundation this list rests upon, a brief legal review has been provided.

97-05-10 Emma FR0ST 97-05-17 Saduran
97-05-26 CATTLEGOD 97-06-05 Lrd Morath
97-06-06 Prophet595 97-06-16 AngelicaXv
97-06-16 Thetmis 97-06-23 VampinUSA
97-07-05 Zebeyana 97-07-19 SulfRGoblN
97-08-31 GrendalV 97-09-03 BludFather
97-09-14 Lord Grimm 97-09-16 WarHound X
97-10-01 Smoke967 97-10-04 LrdMcKuenx
97-10-27 RageDM 97-11-10 A Azeraith
97-11-23 Kronical 97-12-23 Mayfair666
98-01-20 XSaliffx 98-02-02 EvaLemnear
98-02-10 CorwynLlyr 98-03-05 BlckDrgn5
98-04-30 VxZionxV 98-05-25 Hawksclaw1
98-06-29 Serenar12c 98-07-05 HiredKiler
98-07-29 JerrodNyte 98-08-09 BaleyKnght
98-12-08 VraxDesplr 99-02-09 Kain Gray
99-04-29 Doom I3lde 99-08-09 Arcademus
00-05-16 AlexanderDeath

No-contact requests:

While not honor named, the following persons have requested their combats not be reviewed by Loreil. In some cases, they have also requested that their names not be placed on this site. Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. The general populace has a right to know whether or not Loreil will review any one combat. Due to the fact that we are unable to contact the following individuals, no analysis can be performed. Thus, the names must remain. As it is written, so shall it be done.

Again, please review our legal notes if you have any questions.

98-04-16 Mordread Dargravinthius Mauvrodrakos (IMORDREAD)
99-04-17 LdyShilaX
99-12-04 Faith Fraser (Wicked Faith)
00-02-17 Kadagan M. Shesheir (Kadagan)
00-04-17 Nightfirez DeLaurent (Nightfirez)
05-05-14 Maximilian Nyteblade Cazh Daemovyre (Lord Daemovyre)
06-03-02 Rooks Salvasti (Rooks Salvasti)