Those Who Wear the Star
They have taken an Oath of fealty to Loreil and its Sovereign, Ranger Blue. These men and women are some of the most accomplished people ever to have been seen in Rhydin. It is here where you will learn more about them. You will have the opportunity to witness a part of them that is not obvious at first glance.

These . . . are the Wardens of Loreil (as of 2010).

Those interested in becoming a Warden should read the Warden Principia located in the Archives of Loreil.

  • Ranger Blue – Sovereign and First Warden of Loreil
  • Cadileesha – Warden Captain
  • Silphion Mana Shintiyo – Chief Ambassador
  • Yuriko Hashibara – Academy Chancellor
  • Saiseino Karasu – Academy Deputy Chancellor
  • Aedhan Campbell – Adjudicator
  • Tarien Elen Lunaran – Mentor
  • Kaori Hotaro – Deputy Mentor
  • Zeranne Omari-Bladewrithe – Warden of Loreil
  • Nasepha ip Therranj Darkheart – Warden of Loreil
  • Raine Michiru Tsukino – Warden of Loreil
  • Jade Vladstov – Warden of Loreil

Those Who Aspire to the Star

Wardens and Apprentices on Leave of Absence:

    • Genevieve Elliott – Warden

    • Laratheselathsa Lunaran – Warden
    • Hegols Ranson – Warden
    • Asher Huntington – Apprentice
    • Kaennor Haiko – Apprentice