Warden Kaori Hotaro

Warden Kaori Hotaro Retired

Warden Kaori Hotaro

She was born to a life of privilege, but not luxury. She was not the son her father desired, so she was expected to prove her use in other ways. She grew up a proper lady, but there was no choice in that. After all, a child of the family Hotaro, female or no, had expectations to live up to.

Kaori’s usefulness was proven shortly after her 11th year. The child spent the first years of her life very frail indeed. Poisons had become the popular weapon of choice for men as important as her father, and who better to put at risk then the female? A regular dose of dangerous substances to a small child could do one of two things to her, the easiest to deduce being a slow death. Sometimes, however, if things are done properly, the human body learns to adjust to situations, even dangerous ones like this. Fortunately for Kaori (and on more than one occasion, her father), her body adjusted.

Her father’s attention started to shift to a sort of affection as the years progressed. She was a very happy girl, and it was hard for anyone to not find her absolutely charming. It wasn’t until after her mother’s death that her father realized how much he truly loved his daughter. And the next three years of his life were dedicated to keeping his daughter safe and protected.

Her father had been 55 when Kaori was born. Shortly after her 18th year, he succumbed to illnesses associated mostly with age. Kaori was left alone. Of course, the daughter of a powerful man was an easy target. There was a replacement for her father’s position issued, but Kaori Hotaro was wealthy. It did not go unnoticed. It was when the vultures came circling that Kaori decided she could take it no longer. Taking only what she needed, she left with her beloved horse, Vash, looking for any life that might prove better than what she had left.

She found better with a kingdom more than three months travel from her home, and though she found herself very happy and successful, she felt somehow incomplete. When she learned of an apprenticeship opportunity with Loreil, she decided to see if perhaps this was what she was missing. Her letter of approval arrived, and she suddenly found herself facing the most difficult challenge of her life.

And she almost feels complete…