Warden Yuriko Hashibara

Warden Yuriko Hashibara Chancellor of Loreil Academy

Warden Yuriko Hashibara
Chancellor of Loreil Academy

At age twenty-four, she stood in the halls of Loreil Academy, the young girl… no, now young woman stands short, just over five feet, but with the boots she wore through the snow she would appear as 5’6″.  However as there was no snow there in the halls of the hallowed Loreil Academy, she stood merely at her own height as bare feet bore her through those halls she longed to contribute to.  Just four days after becoming such would make her arrival known as she paced the halls of the Academy with a new look at them.

Many would have agreed four years ago when she left Tokyo, she was rather intelligent for her young age, however rather gloomy and depressed at times. That could be blamed upon her childhood. Two years of her life was spent in an insane asylum – the product of her reading a book that was forbidden by even the gods. The individuals didn’t even know it was stolen, oh well. They wouldn’t miss it, for they didn’t even use it once. On the first of the year, almost six years ago, she made that move which changed her life. Why did she leave? Yuriko said she needed “to get away from them,” whatever that meant. They didn’t know of the spirits haunting her night and day. It was in this new location however, that her true inner strength would be awoken. Such a sweet and innocent girl she was, who’d ever suspect her of such a dark and troubled past? Nobody – thus she was perfectly contented.

She always seemed to have something on her mind. An innate curiosity around ordinary things was something she always had. Her parents mentioned her staring at empty spaces many times as a child, but she seemed not to be listening to the, but as if there was someone else she was paying attention to. Psychologists could get nowhere with her. The “problems” became worse. She started to explain what she was “seeing.” Spirits, ghosts of the grandparents she never saw. Voices in her mind that never silenced, Yuriko often screaming out in a silent room for someone silence themselves. Her parents saw no other way to help than to send her to Tokyo ‘s best mental hospital at the young age of eight.

It was a miracle. Something cured her within a year of being taken into the ward. No longer did she see the spirits, silent were the voices in her head. Sure her sense of fashion was not the norm that her parents expected anymore, but that could be tolerated; then again, her parents were slightly rebellious in their day too with their fashions and such. Yuriko finally met friends similar to her, no longer the social outcast she was before. One of the brightest students her age, graduating high school at the age of sixteen, she only remained in college a single year escaping the bustling city she lived in all her life to travel to distant RhyDin, working with the Republic of the Last Twilight for nearly a full year before leaving to further satisfy her occult curiosities. She would find Paradise Valley in this search, and leave it when the search proved not worth her time there.

The beginnings of her third year in the realms, her face would be thrust again into the public eye. One third of the trio which brought the Blue Rose Society into creation, serving the guild as Commander of Station, using what she’s seen and learned from it to benefit all.  That fall the Society would dissolve as her health made a turn for the worse.  Her dreams, her aspirations, all crumbling down before her as she started getting too close to the spirit realm she had her eyes set upon for so long, all from her thirst for knowledge.

That knowledge was getting the better of her, and this made her realize that knowledge was truly power, and when misused it had the potential to be self-destructive.  Thus it was her mission anew to educate the masses, but moreover how to use that knowledge to create a beneficial effect.  Thus the Society returned in the middle of January of the following year and she rededicated herself to becoming a Warden of Loreil.  To wear the star, to shed its light of knowledge wherever she would roam.

It did seem though, that she would roam no more.  Word of her Society and having her name affixed to the Wardens would bring her aspirations to reality, and transform her dreams into fate.  A look of relief and a tear to her eye came as she stared at the stage of the Academy, knowing that shortly it would be her standing there; preaching wisdom to the masses.  A life-long dream would be finally actualized.  This little girl was through with adversity.  Her payment was now made in full, and it was time to enjoy the benefits of her life-long labor and quest for information, no longer just about the occult, but of the natural world as well; and everything.  The student was now a scholar; but as all scholars know, learning is never complete – and so she held her head high with a pride never before within her.  As through the windows snow now fell, the pure white flakes marked a purification, of herself.

Never having the joys of childhood she took this opportunity to indulge herself.  Dashing out the auditorium’s rear doors she just stood out in the just above-freezing temperatures, laying then upon the grass as she let the flakes fall, observing the beauty of nature, crying tears of joy.  More than ten years later, her story was still being written.